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I live off of East near the Tremont circle. We get constant cut through traffic. Cars fly down our street especially late at night. The way they spin around the circle you would think they were on 77 :angry: I am amazed cars have not landed in the front yard of houses that line the circle. The police never patrol the area. The neighborhood is trying to find options to calm traffic. The old worn out pink DC signs are going to be replaced by "Slow Down Dilworth" or something similar to what Davidson has. I think new signs will help.

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the road to my apt is a 25 I'v seen people going 60-70, I myself do 45-50, so I can't complain its an awfully fun, usually unihabited road, its one lane but people pass people because its almost 2.5 lane wide on each side with a giant "median" in the middle. Definately no cops around but 60-70 thats pretty ridiculous in a 25, people race on it a lot, its exactly a 1/4 of a mile so I can see why

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