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State of Wyoming snubbed by Grand Rapids

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Positive news for Grand Rapids, as there was very low turnout at the state of Wyoming job fair. I wonder if the recruiters actually researched where to set up these job fairs, or did they simply assume that there were a lot of desperate job seekers in GR because GR is located in Michigan?

GR Press Article

The eyes of job hunters who visited the state of Wyoming's traveling job fair in Saginaw betrayed a certain desperation to find employment that wasn't obvious when the same recruiters showed up in Grand Rapids Tuesday.

"It's different here in Grand Rapids," said Joan Evans, president of Wyoming's Carbon County economic development board. "There is more of a browsing group of people here, some of which aren't unemployed now.

"In Saginaw, the folks seemed much more urgent in their needs," Evans said, referring to Monday's job fair. "Couples walked in together, asking many more questions about what is available now in Wyoming, where and how soon."

"We had a much better response in Saginaw," said Jody Moss, regional recruiter for SOS Staffing, the largest staffing services company in the West. Moss showed a file 2-inches thick of resumes from job seekers in Saginaw the day before, then she offered another folder with 10 resumes from the Grand Rapids fair.

While throngs of people were lined up before the Saginaw fair opened, the turnout was much lighter at the Best Western Midway Hotel in Kentwood.

About 15 people milled among the recruiting booths at mid-day.

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Could the job market here not be as dire as people portray????!!!!!

I always laugh when I overhear exchanges like this:

"I just wish the job market would get better" "NOBODY is hiring, NOBODY"

"Yeah, I agree".

"My Brother in law's cousin's friend (you know, the one with the Mystery Project info), he's out of work".

"Oh, that's too bad"

"OK, gotta get back to work".

"Yeah, me too".


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a very beautiful state, but that opinion is on only a few drive throughs, but there is nothing there. it would be tough to move there with little to do, unless you are a big outdoor person.

overall though, its a good sign for the GR econony/landscape that people want to stick it through here.

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Heh, maybe we're desperate up here in the Sagnasty. I'm avoiding the east side so I won't get capped. No seriously there's few good jobs here so why not go to Wyoming. It's better than being unemployed and dealing with the crimefest going on up here. It doesn't surprise me that people want to go somewhere else.

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thats just about the only news you hear coming out of saginaw these days, shootings.

Yeah, my in-laws live in Saginaw Twp and didn't want my wife to take 75 to 675 to their house because they feared she'd get shot. Is it all gang retaliation?

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I know this isn't Saginaw related. Of all the shootings I can think of in GR, it is usually related to drugs, or retaliation. I think it's been a while since someone was randomly shot for the hell of it.

I hardly know Michigan South and east of Lansing and to hear about Saginaw being that high in violent crimes is shocking.

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Some of the shootings in Saginaw are random. The killings are motivated by a purpose, but people have been reported being shot at just driving through the wrong hood. It's ridiculous. Back in the late 90's none of this existed because of a strong police presence. When the city started making cuts, we lost alot of police officers and crime rose. A millage was passed recently that would increase the number of police officers. I hope this will make an effect.

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