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Pics of Quail Hollow's Homes

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I was at the Wachovia championship yesterday when I noticed the homes on the 7th hole. They were gorgeous! Unfortunately I didn't have my camera to share the experience. So here's my question, could someone post some pics of the homes along the 7th hole at Quail Hollow?

If you are going today, I encourage you to bring a camera and post some pics. For those who are interested, check the observer's story here: http://www.charlotte.com/mld/charlotte/spo...p/14486414.htm).


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Harris house

unfortunately I've never had the opportunity to see this house, because, while I've been to the neighborhood, this house is not visible from the street, too much vegetation. The other houses in the neighborhood are gorgeous and beyond imaginable propotion. the home belonging to the becks from Beck imports, I used to be close friends with their son, I dated his ex gf for a year and a half, things went sour unfortunately, but anyways, their home is gorgeous, and has the most amazing interior I've ever seen nothing is fake unlike most of your modern day charlotte mansions, and their pool is terrific. Also my ex gfs father designed Felix's house, and I I've never gotten to see it in person, at least not completed, but I did get to see all the floorplans and blueprints, amazing homes in seven eagles, amazing.

I have lotsa pix of the beck house but I can't seem to located them, but I can easily describe it, especially the rennaisance style blue velvet and gold trimmed 20+ seat home theatre that didn't have chairs but reclining lazy boys, this is where I spent most my time. God that home, the backyard, the amazing kitchen, the wine cellar that we always called the dungeon, the master suite, the gorgeous living room, and I actually have a painting I did of the main spiral staircase, that is enclosed in a giant turret you can see from the front of the house, one of the most significant features of the fascade. You've never seen a cooler pool, there was a pool spilling into another pool, thats the only way I could describe it, simply amazing. Second most impressive interior I've ever seen.

The most impressive interior I've ever seen was the megamansion on queens road the 19000 sq ft monstrosity, its not really that big of a monstrocity the foyet is 3-4 stories tall, with dual spiral staircases, I haven't been in it legally tho, one of the things my dad and I do is walk through homes that are under construction and this was one we've walked through, but thats another story


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