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Federal Reserve HQ Relocation

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The Federal Reserve decided several months ago they would move to south Crown Center. Just north of 31st Street which is the border between downtown and midtown.

A guy on the Kansas City forum posted that a construction/electricity trailer has already been purchased.

This will be on the absolute highest point of land in downtown (about 1015ft above sea level, the Landmark Tower is about 965ft)

The building will be about 13 floors.

Also, the building is being designed by I.M. Pei

Lease OK makes Fed a park neighbor


The Kansas City Star

The Federal Reserve Bank will use 3.2 acres of Penn Valley Park to create an entrance to its new headquarters on the site of the old St. Mary's Hospital.

The Kansas City Board of Parks and Recreation Commissioners voted Tuesday to enter a 50-year lease and welcomed the Fed as a good neighbor to Penn Valley Park and the Liberty Memorial.

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