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Fort Benning's new PX


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Fort Benning growth is insane!!!

On May 25th, ground will be broken on what Army Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) officials claim will be one of the biggest military shopping malls in the world. The $27 million, 240,000-square-foot facility is expected to open for business late next year. Fort Benning is building this new mall to help serve the 33,000 new residents that are moving to the Columbus metro area in the next few years.

The new mall will include at least 100,000 square feet of PX shopping space, 28 concessions or kiosks and a 700-seat food court, complete with pizza, chicken, burger and Chinese food outlets. Partnering with Martin Army Community Hospital, the mall will also offer full pharmacy services. A Starbucks also is part of the mall.

Construction of the mall, which has been designed by Martin Beachler Architects of Dayton, Ohio, will coincide with several other AAFES activities on Fort Benning, including a new mini-mall facility on Main Post and a second Starbucks to be built near Clark Pinnacle's new housing area off Custer Road. That shop, and an adjoining day spa, may be open for business as soon as early next year. The new mall will employ 220 people.

Picture can be found here:

Fort Bennings new PX picture

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The Ledger-Enquirer had an update in todays paper aboutthe new PX. It will have 110,000 sq. ft. of PX shopping space instead of the original 100,000 sq. ft. It will also have 36 concessionaires in stead of the original 28. Also, a 18,000 sq. foot furniture store is being constructed which will open Feb. 18. The food court will have a Burger King, Man Chu Wok, Starbucks, O'Charleys, Baskin Robins, Pizza Hut, and a Church's Chicken. The new PX is expected to open by this Thanksgiving.

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