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I'm using google maps, no need to put your address down, just type the name of your street or a nearby street.

Also show some other neighborhoods you use to live in

Here's where I am now.


Where I lived in Kenner 1979-1985 Off and on between here and Metairie


My neighborhood in Metairie 1977-1979 1983-1985


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Showing my neigborhood (I think this satellite pic is from the summer a couple of years ago-Ballpark is not yet built) South Park next to downtown San Diego. Balboa Park on the west (left) canyons breaking up the traditional grid pattern laid out over 100 years ago-my house on the edge of the park.



Cities (actually mostly towns) I've lived in

Vancouver Wash

Cambell (San Jose) CA

Modesto CA

Falls Church VA

Gothenburg Nebraska

Sonora CA

Los Angeles (Hollywood)

Palm Springs

Chico CA

San Diego

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Current neighbourhood, in Bergschenhoek, an exurb of Rotterdam:


Previous hometown of Rosmalen, in Holland's south:


Place of birth, again, in the West of Holland, halfway between Rotterdam and Utrecht:


My Uncle's area in suburban NE-Seattle:


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Here's where I lived in Tracy California. 1985-1987


If you see right of the street that's marked there's a factory, it's a cheese factory. A funny thing that happened was the night we moved in, my parents decided to leave the windows open in their bedroom. What they didn't know was that at night the factory released the gasses into the air, the smell of very strong cheese. Well my mom wakes up to the smell and in her words the air was so thick with the smell she was suffocating. She became convinced that my dad let loose a deadly fart so she kicked him with everything she had.

That was about 21 years ago and we still laugh about it.

When I lived there those houses between the area I marked and the factory were not there.

Of all the cities I've lived in Tracy has probably changed the most since I left in 1987. It's definitely grown the most. When I lived there it had about 25,000 people and the kids were bored to tears, now there's about 75,000. I don't know if it's anymore exciting, it's probably the same just 3 times bigger. Population is expected to be in excess of 100,000 in 2010.

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Here where I lived in Pleasanton California,which despite it's name was not pleasant. 1987-1988


When I heard we were moving to Florida I was like cool (because Florida was the place to be like California, except it's not California and all those Miami Vice shows in the 80's made it seem like the closest thing to a tropical paradise next to Hawaii.) I'm packed let's go.

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