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SoBro and Gulch Development & Construction map


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I wanted to show everyone the property available at this time for development in SoBro and the rough outline of The Gulch. This is just for your info and dont hold me accountable to the accuracy of the info. Its as good as I can get at this time. Please give me input if anything is not correct. I will make notes and get it as correct as possible in the future.

This has all the information that I have been able to gather in a short period of time.


All in RED: Currently under construction or about to be.

All in Purple: Rough outline of The Gulch redevelopment district

All in Pink: C.B. Ragland or Colonial realty holdings

All in Orange: Proposed Convention Center

All in Green: Parks

Blue # 1: Central Parking lot/proposed office building location

Blue # 2 Kris Pascarella (has option on property) Proposed hotel or mixed use building

Blue # 3: Tony Giarattana property probably for another condo building

All in Brown: Unknown owners of surface lots ripe for development

Black: Gateway Blvd. w/ possible extension to 8th Ave.

Gold: Demonbreun St. Bridge under construction

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Great Job Ron!

As we can see from the map the logical extension of the SoBro boom is towards the eighth ave. area. Property is cheap cheap cheap and gentricifaction is not a factor as this area is comprised of homeless shelters and ages one-story industrial buildings.

Believe me any new commercial/residential development is a major improvement in this area. I should check to see if it is considered a redevelopment area eligable for tax breaks.

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Thanks for the map, smeagolsfree. It's interesting to note that, while it is a big chunk, the proposed CC site doesn't completely dominate SoBro in quite the same way I imagined it would. I'm still not sure if that is the best spot for the CC. As downtown Nashville expands, that land is going to become more valuable and important. All that said, it's not a "bad" spot per se and it could stir growth around it almost immediately.

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I believe the highlighted yellow streets are simply a feature of Google Earth. When you bring up street names, many of them become highlighted. In the case of this map, they shouldn't have any special meaning.

Google Earth is cool... but I wonder how often they update their pics? I noticed a while back... if you zoom in on Nashville... the new Sounds stadium area appears to still be occupied by the thermal plant, the Gateway bridge appears to be under construction, and there are vehicles on the Shelby bridge, lol. Interesting to see this stuff.. for those of us who never got to... wonder how long ago that was?

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If you look closely, you can see the Gateway Bridge under construction.

A question to Michael Hayes.

On the Ragland website, It shows the large parking lot that is being run by Premier Parking (Tony's company), being divided into 3 segments. The first is the sliver of the NE corner that is evidently owned by another party, but the large parking lot is divided. Can you she some light on this?

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