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Pittsburgh, a summertime destination

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I've felt for years that Pittsburgh should start promoting itself as the "All-American City". In my opinion it is in so many ways. It should festoon itself in American flags from Memorial Day to Labor Day. This year, with the all Stars coming and so close to the fourth, it should really take advantage of the national spotlight. We should be trying to get the visitors for the All Stars here for the fourth celebrations too.

When people think of labor Day they should think of Pittsburgh. Coordinate events to fit holiday packages.

It is a great city for long weekend trips all summer long. I think the rest of the country is increasingly becoming more curious about this curious city. With all it's summer activities; The Regatta, the Arts Festival, our great July 4th celebration we should start a media blitz. Now the all stars are coming, now is the time to hit the media. We should promote weekend packages much like Toronto does, with tickets to Cultural District productions. Pittsburgh's proximity to so many places, it is an easy road trip from all New York, DC Philly across to Chicagoland.




(this pic borrowed from Pittsburgh Skyline's great photos)


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I think Pittsburgh should be a destination for all seasons and all occasions. It's one of the greatest places on earth.

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