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Good news for Highland Park


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^^Excellent article G, they speak a lot about the "all volunteer" community development organization, it is great to know how true change is taking place in Pittsburgh from the grassroots people that take charge of their own destiny.

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Another big of good news is that the Union Project has finally opened its cafe. It is only serving drinks for now but food will follow in a few weeks. It has a lovely outdoor area to sip coffee and have conversation and watch the city go by. Its in a great location at the corner of Negley/Stanton, heavily traveled by both public transit and cars. The summer market will start at the beginning of June. Its a great project that serves the community in countless ways. Stop by and have a cuppa!


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I have seen their outdoor area and it is lovely. I definitely have to wander down there soon and have a drink. It looks beautiful and I am excited about it.

Oh, hey, I just looked at their website and they offer ceramics classes and stuff. I think I'll be taking a class this summer :)

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