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WinstonNet plans to set up Wi-Fi throughout Forsyth


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From tobacco to technology....one cant deny that W-S is making a strong effort in changing its identity. WinstonNet is proposing to install a wireless broadband network throught the city and eventually Forsyth county. The city would be the first in the state, and hopes to join Philadelphia, San Fransisco, Chicago and about 297 other cites in becoming WiFi. this is really exciting and IMO, a MAJOR development. what an incentive to live or a start a business in Forsyth County. Even if the service charges a small fee, im all for it. I used WiFi service when i first moved up here to DC for school and I was automatically hooked.


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update on Winston Wireless

The WinstonNet Wireless Initiative has chosen Azulstar Networks, Cisco Systems and IBM to build and operate the "Wireless Winston" community network. service will be free to city residents and eventually all of Forsyth County. Negotiaitions are still taking place, but leaders hope to have service up and running in some areas later this year.


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This project is on hold 'indefinitely.' A myriad of reasons were listed from lack of capital, the state of the economy, the 'lack of direction in the wireless industry.'

It seems WinstonNet will still survive as an entity, but it looks doubtful that this project will ever come to fruition as originally envisioned.

Read about it here.

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