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National Military base realignments favor Ft Bragg/Fayetteville for additonal development


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In thanks of the U.S. Government deciding to relocate their eggs in one or two baskets rather than a dozen, Fayetteville is cashing in at the expense of other military towns resulting in economic decline. More from the article

This is not the only High School that will see problems but the Union Pines School District over in central Moore County already are facing growing pains from development taking place in the eastern panhandle of the county due to military families reloacting into the county. The article mentions Pinehurst as a destination but most will end up in the eastern end of Southern Pines, Aberdeen , Pinebluff and Hoke County because Pinehurst is not a cheap place to live.

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This is great for the economy around there. I know here in the Denver CO area, Coloardo Springs is in a building boom. They have of course the Air Force Academy but they also have three air force bases as well. One of them, Fort Carson is on a building boom and Colorado Springs will profit with a huge surplus in tax revenue. They are moving 10,000 soliders to Fort Carson over the next four or five years.

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