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What cities think they are the center of the universe


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I wanted to make this topic about the second cities or the cities out of the national eye. Growing up we always hated RDU folk because we thought their heads were bigger than the meto. Really anyone from Fayetteville can relate. When I went to college in Greensboro the percetion was the Winston people had a air of arrogance also. Any commnets

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Silly question, ALL of them. In order to sale a product, you have to assume a certain amount of arrogance and add slight embellishments as needed. In the words of the eternal optimist "fake it, until you make it".

Cities located in the same MSA/CSA will always be at odds to a certain extent, they all want the same "girl/boy (politically correct)" and nobody wants to share.

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This topic violates our rules. I would hope the members here would be mature enough not to creat topics to point out "arrogant cities". There are other forums where something like this openly encouraged, but we here at UrbanPlanet hope to be a positive influence on city development an something such as this has no place here.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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