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Worst Cities to Navigate - On Foot!


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A vertical and tightly weaved urban place is a breeze to navigate on foot. These neighborhoods have narrow and often one-way streets, many crosswalks and limited parking. A pedestrian is likely to beat a car to the post office or coffee shop. One can knock off a list of errands on foot regardless of auto traffic. What places lack these advantages? What cities are simply unwalkable, in which the only walking is through a strip mall parking lot? And forget about common assumptions. Parts of the Northeast, even some areas deep within metro Boston, leave much to be desired.

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Providence is nice and compact and therefore easy in theory to walk around in. I used to walk a half mile from the bus hub to my work and would usually beat the trolley/bus that could drop me off right in front of my work. In reality, though, the crumbling infrastructure and crazy drivers make getting around on foot nowhere near as easy as it should be. If you don't mind dodging cracks and holes, then you'll be fine.

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