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Historic Preservation Workshop

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".....Or a building that is listed individually in the National Register of Historic Places.

.....And if a building in not yet listed individually in the National Register of Historic Places or located in districts that are not yet registered historic districts may use the Historic Preservation Certification Application, Part 1, to request a preliminary determination of significance from the National Park Service. Such a determination may also be obtained for a building located in a registered historic district but that is outside the period or area of significance of the district. A preliminary determination of significance allows the owner to proceed with the rehabilitation project while the process of nominating a building or a district continues. Preliminary determinations, however, are not binding. They become final only when the building or the historic district is listed in the National Register or when the district documentation is amended to include additional periods of areas of significance." -National Park Service

Also, this workshop is a great opportunity to meet the Historic Preservation Commission members.

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