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Haunted Prov. / R.I. stories


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I have a friend whose sister just recently graduated from Providence College. Her name's Kelly. She recently told me a spooky story from PC I thought I'd share while it's still fresh in my mind.

One year the school assigned Kelly to live in Aquinas Hall. One day she came across an article online about a terrible fire there in 1977 that killed 10 female students on the fourth floor! She was stunned.

The fire started late on Dec. 13, 1977, during finals week, and also the first snowfall of the year. Many residents went outside to play in the snow and came back with wet clothing. One student propped up her hair drier to dry a coat in her closet inadvertently starting the fire.

Coincidentally, Kelly read about the fire just weeks before the first snowfall of the year. It snowed on a night in December during finals week. Her roomate had already left for the semester. That night, when it snowed, she claims she heard the familiar sounds of many girls returning to their rooms from the outdoors, making more noise than was necessary. Surprised to hear so much activity so late at night during Finals Week, she went out in the hall to investigate and scold them. No one was there. But she still heard the voices coming apparently from the bathrooms. She peered into the bathrooms only to find them dark and completely empty. At this point, totally freaked out, she went to return to her room, but stopped dead in her tracks when she noticed the set of snow covered boot-prints leading right down the hall past the bathroom. She says the footprints hadn't existed only seconds earlier when she went to check the bathroom, and it would have been impossible for someone to walk right past her without her noticing it. The voices she might be able to explain away, but this she couldn't. Kelly stayed the night at a friend's dorm, and never returned to live at Aquinas again, requesting a change of dorm for the rest of the year.

Kelly isn't a flake. She's completely believable. Having heard this, I would definitely think twice before spending a night in this dorm :unsure:

Any other haunted Providence/R.I. stories?

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Carter - your story of your friend and Aquinas Hall was'nt the only one. Check out that link above for a list of RI haunted spots. The one for Aquinas hall is there (Your friend may find that link interesting). RI's most famous ghost story is of Molly Brown. Now this is creepy!!! -> http://www.quahog.org/attractions/index.php?id=50

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