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Good thing this didn't happen in a place like Zeeland!

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I thought that was Charlton Heston I saw yesterday on the Ann Street Bridge.....

No no silly, he looked like this guy..........................


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Local law enforcement agencies and media started receiving calls shortly after 9 about the peculiar sight. But area police and fire departments had not been notified of the experiment and didn't know what to make of the reports at first. Grand Rapids police and fire officials responded as if it was a HAZMAT emergency.

The MSU scientists received the required permit for the study from the DEQ; but the only local agencies that required contact were Kent and Ottawa County Heath Departments and Grand Rapids pollution control personnel, according to the permit.

What were they thinking??? No one would notice? "Well, we got our DEQ permit and notified the county." In Ann Arbor the parks run controlled burns, and you can't turn around without hearing the advisory beforehand and during.

Glad I don't work in law enforcement. Would have been a good time frame to rob a bank.

[i doubt burglars read this message board.]

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