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Ottawa Avenue Streetscape and Ledyard Bldg Improvements


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On the DDA agenda is a Streetscape Improvement Grant of $26,000 to the owners of the Ledyard Bldg to improve the areas along Ottawa Ave. It sounds pretty good.

"Grand proceeds will be applied to the installation of concert (?) surface, with accent colors, as recommended by the Downtown Alliance Streetscape Guide.... Additionally, 4 planters will be installed at the entryways of the building." Total project cost is estimated at $75,000

They are also looking at investing $800,000 into Ledyard including facade restoration and new architectural lighting.

Agenda Page 37

I wonder if the entire sidewalk up to Fountain will be replaced? It's really bad.

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Michaelskis posted the following in the Lost Grand Rapids tread. The series of photos in the link has a Ledyard photo from 1952.

Anyone have any old back and white photos of these places? I am thinking pre- WWII. (I need artwork to hang on the walls)

I found a bunch here, but they want more than $20 per photo...


I love the look of old city hall.

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Sounds like they'll get rid of the asphalt and replace it with the concrete-with-red-brick-along-the-street design?

This sounds promising, its my favorite building! :shades:

It will be a great improvment for the building. IT needed a ton of love and now the day has come it appears... I wonder if they will keep the existing facade colors?

I would love to see them put the super ornate decorative pieces the building once had. It was even cooler then than it is now (and I love the building).

Unfortunately I cannot find a picture but it is in some of my old Grand Rapids books.


What about heading down to 300 Monroe to check out the records... They generally have a few pictures on file of the buildings around town :) YOu may have already checked :)

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