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Chain Thread: Add One Element To Create A Perfect City

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I hope this works and isn't too complicated.

I'd like to see what happens if we each add one desirable feature of a city to this thread.

You can come back and add others as long as your most recent previous post doesn't appear on the last page of this thread.

Right now, the city has no attributes. No people. No buildings. No roads. No location.

Once an attribute has been added, try to add a new one that doesn't conflict with it. So, if someone posts "Population over a million," you MAY post "Population of 4-5 million" but you should avoid posting "Population = 500K."

You can choose "On the coast" and someone else can add "Near a river" or "Accessible to mountains" but they shouldn't say "In Iowa." What feature -- of those that haven't been determined when you read through this thread -- is the one you most want to add to the "Perfect City?"

Hopefully, the earlier posts will be more general, letting others decide the details (unless you come back later yourself to do so).

What pro sports are in town? Does it have a Bass Pro Shop? What's the transit system like? How about the skyline? Is the economy service-based or is there heavy industry? When was the city founded? Is the population diverse? Do any of these things matter that much to you...or are other attributes of a great city more important?

I'll start coloring in this tabula rasa....



The City's name is Paradopolis.

Be kind to her...and her inhabitants.

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It will have an 8 lane superhighway cutting through the center

Ahh! You ruined it!

It should have a thriving downtown boulevard with abundant retail, restaurants and nightclubs with apartments and condos above them.

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the city should be in a flat,fertile valley

The city should have a mix of interesting topography-just flat would not make it too easy to incorporate a static boring grid I think. Better to have a mostly grid city broken up by natural elements to make it just a bit unpredictable.

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The skyline shall contain a mix of classic masonry skyscrapers and well-designed modern glass and steel skyscrapers with only a few Brutalist structures and limited wide open, empty, lifeless plazas that were popular during the urban redevelopment days of the 1960s and 1970s.

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These few brutalist skyscrapers as well as most of the lifeless plazas are being readied for demolition as we speak to make way for beautiful rail/subway stations as part of what is planned to be the best mass transit system in the world (2 birds with one stone :)).

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The city's utilities are owned and operated by a cooperative that shares profits among its members. It shall buy 50% of its electricity from outside companies and produce the other 50% through renewable means.

The city shall also have strict recycling and trash sorting laws to minimize waste.

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