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Visit to the Rainy City


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Good evening everyone. My wife and I are planning a trip to Seattle this July for a family reunion. We are looking for some good tips for things to do while we are there. We currently have two days open in our schedule. We like to do the non touristy things.

Any tips and suggestions would be great! And if you're ever headed to Minneapolis or St. Paul MN, I will be sure to return the favor.

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Ride a ferry.

I'll agree to that. The Bremerton Ferry was one of the coolest things I did while I was there, although there happened to be a blackberry festival going on in Bremerton at the time, but the town is still pretty interesting, and the view coming back to Seattle cannot be beat.

You could also take the water taxi and free bus to Alki Beach. It's somewhat touristy, but not overly so.

I didn't have a car when I last went, but did many years ago, and we took a drive out to the Mount Ranier area, which was really enjoyable.

I regret not visiting the UW campus and the Fremont District while I was there, but I'll certainly do it next time.

Also, if you have the time, I'd strongly suggest taking the train up to Bellingham and spending at least a night. It's a beautiful town.

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Yeah the ferry is always a good idea. Bring a jocket no matter what the temp is, though. It's always colder out on the water.

There are observation decks at the Needle, the Columbia Center and the Smith Tower so that may be cool.

Go to Qwest Field and say hello to the home of my Seahawks. Probably my favorite place on Earth on certain Sundays.

Go to Pike's Market. It's touristy and local all at the same time.

Go visit Bruce and Brandon Lee on Captiol Hill.

Go visit Jimi in Renton.

Go visit the uglest Gehrey designed building in the country...the EMP. It's so ugly it's cool.

Go see a Mariner's game.

Go check out the library which is a very strange building.

Head to Snoqualmie and check out the Great Northern if you're Twin Peaks fan.

I think Seafair is June so you'll miss that...but if it's July then go and see the ships at the waterfront or maybe go watch the hydroplanes on the lake.

Go to Fremont and see Lenin and the rocket and the troll and...other things in Fremont.

Just wander around and have some fun.

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After just returning from a week long trip out there I would have to recommend checking out one of the micro breweries, the University is a nice stroll and the nearby streets are full of shops, restaurants, and tea/coffee shops (a bit like Eat Street). Take a walk around Green Lake and bring along a lunch and watch the world go by in the form of runners, bikers, and walkers (reminded me a little of Lake Calhoun).

Oh, and Gas Park provides a pretty good view of the city from the north part of Lake Union, this also hooks up to a pedestrian/bike trail that was converted from an old rail line that goes through the University on the southern side and continues northward. Kinda neat seeing the 5 bridge from up close.

Bus 70 is local all the time from DT to the U area and 71, 72, 73 go along the same route but are express until 7pm I think?

Once in the U area and done with that, you can take a 43 bus toward Capitol Hill and hop off once between 15th and Broadway. There is a lot to see in terms of shops and restaurants, houses there are a nice snapshot of the Seattle area, plus Volunteer Park to the north offers great views of the city from the admission free water tower. The Asian Art Museum is there along with the Volunteer Park Conservatory, it's a nice little oasis from the urban jungle. Once finished the 43 will also take you back DT.

Saturdays and Sundays an all you can ride transit pass is only $3.

Enjoy! :D

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