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Stelter Partners renovate old factory on Ionia


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Once grimy building becomes centerpiece for furniture maker

By Rob Kirkbride

The Grand Rapids Press

GRAND RAPIDS -- Polluted, grimy and downright depressing.

Stelter Partners' new headquarters at 549 Ionia Ave. SW was a wreck when the furniture company bought it from Meridian Automotive.

But with a fresh coat of paint, sizable renovations and a $1 million investment, the Heartside site is now home for one of West Michigan's up-and-coming furniture makers.

This company, run by an ex-Steelcase exec, has been growing pretty rapidly, and sales are expected to grow 200% this year according to the article. It's great to see some of the old industrial facilities on Ionia being put to good use.


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I didn't realize how far south of Wealthy they went. Are they keeping their old building too?

It sounds like it. They needed the room for expansion. If it's the Meridian plant that I'm thinking of, I think it has sort of an art deco look to it, on the West side of the Street South of the old Sonnevelt warehouses.

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Stelter Partners is a great company, I have a friend who tried like hell to get a job there about a year ago. It's always good news when you see new Entraprenuers doing well in West Michigan, especially when they are investing in downtown.

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