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CT: A Bright Spot In Dim New England Economy

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Here's an interesting article. Looks like CT now has the region on our backs. Like I said it's time to take our rightful place as one of the elite and powerful states in the nation. We need to revitalize our cities and bring industry in. But those are givens. We also need to market ourselves more effectively, and that's where CT fails. We have so many strengths but most people in CT don't even know what they are. Now that is a huge problem. More people would stay if they actually knew what they where leaving behind.

Connecticut Deemed A Bright Spot In Dim New England Economy

Associated Press

May 11 2006, 11:25 AM EDT

BOSTON -- Connecticut and New Hampshire are expected to lead the way in fueling New England's slow-growing economy through 2010, according to a forecast delivered Thursday.

The New England Economic Partnership said New Hampshire is expected to be the only New England state to post faster job and overall economic growth than the nation through 2010, while Connecticut is expected to lead the six-state region in gross state product growth.

Courant Article

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Great find Tycoon. We need to get MA and RI in line, those slackers! :lol:


Will make more jobs, will move more people, bring more to the area to help.

The list can go on and on how this would help

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