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Given all the problems in the world, you name it, everything from endless war to tens of millions of phone calls being monitored to the federal government, I am flabberghasted that in NC, the big protests today are over the fact that the last NC person for American Idol has been voted out. :huh:

Have people completely lost their minds?

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Are you watching the Fox News Edge too on WCCB? People have totally lost their minds...

Did you see the ladies saying "We demand a recount" ??

This was predicted many centuries ago by Nostradamus as a sign of the end times. I think the quatraine went something like...

" a talented artist from the northern state shall woo the masses and they will believe him king...

however, their contentness in his position shall suddenly and shockingly be overturned. Anarchy

will rule the great land as all her enemies shall use this moment to take advantage over her."

It's true, I tell you!!!


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Metro, I think this speech by James Howard Kunstler gets to the heart of what you're talking about:

Kunstler Speech October 2005


In the waning months of 2005, our failure to face the problems before us as a society is a wondrous thing to behold. Never before in American history have the public and its leaders shown such a lack of resolve, or even interest, in circumstances that will change forever how we live.

Even the greatest convulsion in our national experience, the Civil War, was preceded by years of talk, if not action. But in 2005 we barely have enough talk about what is happening to add up to a public conversation. We're too busy following Paris Hilton and Michael Jackson, or the NASCAR rankings, or the exploits of Donald Trump. We're immersed in a national personality freak show soap opera, with a side order of sports 24-7.


Americans were once a brave and forward-looking people, willing to face the facts, willing to work hard, to acknowledge the common good and contribute to it, willing to make difficult choices. We've become a nation of overfed clowns and crybabies, afraid of the truth, indifferent to the common good, hardly even a common culture, selfish, belligerent, narcissistic whiners seeking every means possible to live outside a reality-based community.

Which is exactly why we have come to refer to ourselves as consumers. That's what we call ourselves on TV, in the newspapers, in the legislatures. Consumers. What a degrading label for people who used to be citizens.

Consumers have no duties, obligations, or responsibilities to anything besides their own desire to eat more Cheez Doodles and drink more beer.

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