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401 Granby


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I've obtained some more documents and info on 401 Granby. The building that sits there now, Master opticians, would be torn down and in its place:

" Property Description:

Proposed Development of Mixed-Use - Hotel/Retail/Office: elevations and site drawings depict a hotel/ office building with approximately 155 hotel rooms and/or 100,000+ SF of Class A office space" And highlighted for emphasis. 100,000 sq ft of office on top of 155 hotel rooms is quite a sizeable structure. We're probably looking at low 20's if both pan out.

No overall renderings yet but here is the 1st floor site plan and a location shot.

First floor plan


Existing structure


Sorry, no renderings yet. :(

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vdogg do you really think its going to be in the 20's

At over 200,000 sq ft on that small lot, it'll be pushing it. They said the hotel portion could be up to 9 so I'll give another 8-9 for the office putting us at about 17-18,. If the garage is part of it i'd add at least another 4-5 floors so yeah I think they could make it. As far a timetable, no deals have been made so this is very much in the preliminary conceptual/pre-development phase. It'll be a while before we hear more. If I were to guess I'd put it on the same time table as the cities courts complex. It's something to look forward to though.

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401 Granby

Hey guys,

Here's a conceptual rendering!

Very conceptual but at least we have an idea. That looks like it's gonna be a good height. Nice find lil-bear. :thumbsup:

Guess it's time to update the projects list again.

If you go to floor plans they go up to floor 14. Hope we can squeeze a few more stories out of this ones. It'll do wonders to fill the gap between Trader and Granby and will compliment HH nicely. :)

Great find! :thumbsup: Is this an existing building?

The building currently on site will be torn down to make way for this one. The rendering is for the proposed office/hotel complex. On the site now is the one story master opticians store.

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This project is definitely still in the conceptual phase. They still need to find a developer willing to take on this project. Especially if they're trying to incoporate hotel space. They'll need to find a person willing to franchise the hotel. It makes the process very complicated mixing hotel, office, and retail space. But I do hope someone jumps on the opportunity.

I do wish they could have developed a more modern building. I realize this is only a conceptual rendering but when is someone going to step up to the plate and utilize steel with floor to ceiling glass. It looks like another TCC building. I'm amazed at all these new projects going up with bland designs using the same exterior features and small windows.

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I too feel the same way, notice I said nice project not building. The building looks like the Fed. courthouse addition to me as well as the earlier Brambleton rendering. But as with all these proposals they are all concept drawings/renderings. As for this project I think it's just a way for the agent to give the developers an idea of what could be placed on this lot, not what is actually going to be built there.

Something similar to this with a smaller footprint of course would truly break the mold. :D


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