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Midwest Minor Leage sports teams

tony speller

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My favorite Minor League Team is my home town Springfield, MO Cardinals. The Springfield Cardinals are in the Double A Texas League East Division and are affiliated with the St. Louis Cardinals. They play in the 8,000 seat Hammons Field which was the winner of the "Ballpark of the Year" award in 2005 given by baseballparks.com The Cardinals are currently in 1st place in the whole AA Teaxas League!

The official Springfield Cardinals Website.




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Toledo, Ohio has the Mud Hens. http://www.mudhens.com/ I actually haven't been to any of their games but I plan on it. They play at the Fifth Third Field. Toledo is suppose to be getting a hockey team also, they will be playing in the downtown arena that is currently being constructed.


Thats great news for Toledo. I'd really like to see that city pull a Grand Rapids.

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Grand Rapids has the Whitecaps baseball team, an affiliate of the Detroit Tigers. Stadium is pretty plain looking and in the suburbs, but holds about 10,000 people, which is not bad for a minor league team:


The Grand Rapids Griffins are an affiliate of the Detroit Red Wings.


They play at the Van Andel Arena downtown, which also holds about 10,000 people:


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