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600 Woodward Avenue to be Sold


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A very bad pic of the building from the other day.


The city-owned Vinton Building at 600 Woodward Avenue will be auctioned off soon. Hopefully this means another great loft project for downtown Detroit :). Let's just cross our fingers & hope one of the downtown slumlords doesn't buy it.

Notice of Offering for Sale and Redevelopment

Peter Zeiler, Wednesday Feb 25, 2004

On behalf of the City of Detroit, the City of Detroit Downtown Development Authority (the

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Slumlords are the idiots who buy buildings, and let them sit & rot until they either fall apart or the land value rises enough to redevelop them. And if that fails, they tack up a little 12" x 12" for sale sign on the side, and then reject any offer to sell the building to a developer, because the slumlord wants to make millions of dollars on a property he bought for $250,000.

The main slumlords in downtown Detroit are Ilitch & the guy who owns the Farwell Building & Broderick Tower.

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