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FedEx to build new 40 dock facility in Dresden (Weakley Co)

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Weakley county received great news today as FedEx announced it will build a new 40 dock facility in the county seat of Dresden. FedEx thus will retain its presence in the community and may possibly double its workforce to 100 employees. The new facility is estimated to bring 20 millions dollars a year into the local economy, a much needed boost to a county that has over the last 12 years seen 3500 jobs lost and 4000 person decrease in population.



WPSD TV NBC CH 6 Paducah, KY

Lets hope this is the start of a turn around for Weakley County, which has just elected a new county mayor who ran on working with the new county industrial recruiter to attract new industries and jobs to the county as one of his principle goals .

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^ I didn't know that, I figured it was all based in Memphis.

Well, the parent company FedEx Corp is headquartered in Memphis as is the subsidiary FedEx Air, though FedExGround has a large hub in Memphis.

Funny thing though, when I first saw the thread title--not knowing where Weakley County was, figured it might be on the Mississippi or Tennessee Rivers--I thought "boat docks", and wondered if FedEx was getting into the barge business. That would be a sight--white, blue, and orange barges steaming up and down the Mississippi. :lol:

Next would be FedExRail, with the colored locomotives.

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