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River Bank Run

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I saw Greedo just did the 5k in another topic and my wife and I just finished the 25k.

Just curious if anyone else here ran or was a spectator. I love downtown when it's so busy....great running weather today, but lousy for hanging out afterwards in the city. :(

So many people come from all over and I know I judge many cities based on their race course...hope people are impressed with our fair city!

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how is the course??? should people be impressed?

Downtown is great (we know) Market is a little run down, but decent. The run down Indian Mounds and back through Johnson and Millenium Park is very nice. The gravel pits after that and the roads are bad, but hopefully as Millenium Park develops (and the Ampitheather goes in :) ) it will be very nice. The run through the park part of the zoo is cool and the west side neighborhoods are very nice.

I think it's one of the nicest courses I've run and shows off the city well. (but I may be biased!) Showing how every year has record numbers, we must be doing something right!

Yes, I think they should be impressed. I wish it could go in the city more and show off some of our great neighborhoods (that's a great part of the Chicago Marathon) but how many cities can you start and end a race downtown and then run through the scenic woods through most of the race?

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