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Eastside Roads


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I remember hearing about an expansion of Skyln Dr. and Cannons Campground Rd, are there any new developments on this project? Also, are there any plans to expand Plainview Rd? (its the one that ran behind Lan-Year and connects Cannon Campground to East Main).

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Yes to all of those. Skylin/Cannons Campground is to be expanded up thorugh Gossett Rd to make a 4 lane connection with 85. Painview is also slated to be widened to 4 lanes. This is in the SPATS 20 year comprehensive plan. All are needed IMO.

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No its not a city project. SPATS is the Spartanburg Area Transit Study which is a federally mandated Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO). Each MPO is required by the government for each urban area of 50,000 or more to provide its own transportation plan. They have a 5 year Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP) and a long range one that goes out 20 years. It covers all of the urban parts of Spartanburg Coutny, plus some of the rural areas surrounding it, including parts of Cherokee County. Here is a map (its a large image, so it may take a minute to load up). The projects themselves are done by SCDOT because the most roads are state maintained in SC.

After looking at the plan, it looks like Plainview, Skylin/Cannons Campground/Gossett will all be widened to 5 lanes, not 4.

Here is a PDF map of the current plan: link


This is slightly off topic, but if you are interested in what SPATS is doing for transportation in Spartanburg besides roads (there are other ways of getting around you know ;) ), the I suggest taking a look at the Intermodal Element pdf. Its an interesting read :)

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