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It's about time to start a topic in here! LOL. I don't have much to post, but I do have a mini tour of a neighborhood in Southfield off of 12 Mile Road, & a couple pics of Prudential Town Center. Actually I never took these pics to post on here, but I'll post them anyway. This is actually the neighborhood my mom grew up in during the 1960s. It's typical of what was built all over the country during the time. I should add that Southfield was home to the nation's first modern day shopping mall, Northland Center, which opened in 1954.



And here's the actual house, nearly 35 years after my mom & her family moved out. Of course that hideous addition over the garage wasn't there when they lived there...that's an addon done by a previous owner.


There are pics my grandpa took showing the neighborhood & many of the houses when they were brand new. In fact many are still under construction in the pics. I would've liked to have scanned them in to do a "then and now" comparison, but the pics are in Florida right now, so that's not going to happen.

Also from that day, are some pics of Prudential Town Center, the closest thing Southfield has to a downtown. It is located on Evergreen near 10 Mile, & was built between 1973 & 1989.


Southfield's Tallest, 3000 Town Center (448 Feet Tall, 1975)



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