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Lake Norman

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I don't think I have ever posted any photos from Lake Norman on the site. So since it has been a rather cold May, I thought I would be brave and venture onto the main channel of Lake Norman on Saturday afternoon in hopes that it would not be too busy. Here are a few photos of the trip. (no particular order)

We call these, "go fast boats." Known as such because thats all they are good for. Owners have the exhaust ports raised above the water line so the engines are real loud. Think Harley x10. Later we saw the go fast boat not going fast as it was stopped and the occupants were staring into the engine hatch. LOL


My speedy friends were heading towards a sailboat regatta.


My camera really doesn't do the regatta justice. (it's also hard to stop the blurs in a rocking boat :lol: )


As we passed the sail boats, looking back you can see the beginnings of the foothills to the mountains.


Wakeboard Boat


Big Cruiser I've seen lots of these for sale now that gasoline is $3/gallon. ($4.50 at some places on the lake. haha)


This house is interesting as I have been told this is the former residence of the late Bill Lee. He was the CEO of Duke Power for years and under his guidance, it became one of the largest energy companies in the world. This house, spectacular when it was built, is kind of low end for what is on the lake these days, but the property is wonderful as it sits own its on island surrounded by main channel views.


I remember when you could get a condo like this and a deeded boat slip for less than $120K :P



As you can see here Lake Norman goes right up to I-77. This is between Exits 28 and 30. It's just a few miles from the gleeming skyscrapers of Charlottes fabulous central business district. Now that the NCDOT removed the fence, there are lots of traffic jams here when the ladies decide to sunbathe nude on the boats. Sometimes there are accidents. :shades:



You can't really call them jet skis anymore. They have quite powerful 4 stroke engines now.


These people were getting ready to ski. The party on the step was hesitant because the water was so cold due to the cold weather I stuck my foot in the water and it turned blue. They finally pushed him in. haha The water is warmer down by the nuclear plant.


This appears to be them later.


Even the PWCs pull skiers these days.


This is one of the many beaches to be found on the islands in the middle of the lake. Great places to hang out, cook out and talk to people.


This piece of architecture is a new boat dry dock. For those who just can't be bothered, your boat is stored in this thing, when you are ready for the lake you call ahead and they have it waiting for you in the water. Couldn't be simpler.


Did I say that Lake Norman is Pontoon City?


It's my guess this is the most expensive building, by far, in all of Mecklenburg county. It sits there silently producing energy for all our needs. Mcguire's design is such that it does not need cooling towers.


Lesser known is that Duke Power maintains a lovely park next to the nuclear plant. This is where the energy explorium is located. You can boat in and visit from this dock. (my camera does not do it justice)


Finally, this is the cleverly disguised CMUD water intake for the Charlotte/Mecklenburg water system. Millions of gallons of water/day are sucked up here and sent a couple of miles down the road to a water treatment plant hidden in the woods away from view. It's great they did such a good job integrating it into the surrounding area. The other two intakes are on Mountain Island Lake and are much more ugly.


I hope you enjoyed this tour of the Mecklenburg portion of the lake.

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Great pictures, thanks Metro. I always think of Charlotte as such a landlocked city and tend to forget Lake Norman is right next door and offers so much. Now all we need to do is pick up Uptown and plop it down on the banks of the lake. That should not be so hard to do :P

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I've often wondered what the Energy Explorium was so I assume it is mainly the park that Duke maintains?

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I've often wondered what the Energy Explorium was so I assume it is mainly the park that Duke maintains?

I remember going there on a field trip in elementary school. If I'm not mistaken, it is a mini hand's on museum similar to discovery place. It shows children the importance of conserving energy and how electricity works.

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Very nice, I sill have not had a chance to go out on the lake. Thanks a bunch for the pics because all I have seen of it are from that section of 77. :(

ps. no luck yet on sun bathing women when I have driven by... :P

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great pix metro, I have wanted somebody to post pictures of the lake for a while, any idea what the CH in front of the dry dock stands for?

No I don't know that that means. In fact, I had not even noticed it until you said something about it.

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