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New York of the South: Houston or Atlanta?


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Considering the overall composition of Houston and Atlanta, which city do you feel is the most like NYC (which city is the New York of the South)?

Oh, PLEASE retract this thread!

NEITHER is remotely like NYC, and no southern city is the "New York of the South". Atlanta is the "Atlanta of the South" and Houston is the "Houston of the South". Atlanta, NYC, and Houston are all great cities in their own right.

All these kinds of threads accomplish is to bring out people who want to trash Houston and Atlanta and talk about how much they suck in comparison to NYC.

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Does any southern city have a subway?

New York is in a league of its on. All southern cities are spread out too much.

Let me first say that I will NOT "vote" on this survey.

Anyway, reading the quote above, wouldn't Atlanta's Marta be considered a subway since part of the Orange and Blue lines are below grade? I'm just wondering because sometimes when I take MARTA to the airport I say I'm taking the subway.

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Threads like this must stop :stop:

There is no New York of the south

There is no Hollywood of the south

There is no king or queen of the south

There is no paper clip or ski binding of the south.

I understand we're all excited about what goes on in our cities but to be constantly obsessed over how one's city compares to others (especially with some of the criteria some here use) I think is unhealthy.

Be proud of the unique assets your cities have. Don't root for your cities to imitate others.

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