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Recent Atlanta GA

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Map of the area with photo locations marked


Image A Fairlie/Poplar District in Downtown Atlanta


Image B Intersection of Fairlie and Poplar Streets


Image C Western edge of Fairlie Poplar District looking North towards Westin Hotel


Image D Looking East Down Walton Street on the Southern edge of the Fairlie Poplar District


Image E Looking South down Forsyth Street from Walton Street


Image F Peachtree at Luckie (which runs roughly East West at its southern terminus here) looking North


Image G Sidewalk sweeper and homeless men at Woodruff Park


Image H Looking North from Central Avenue near Wall Street


Image J Looking East down Alexander from Luckie (which now runs North South north of Downtown), next to the new Georgia Acquarium


Image K Looking East down Alexander towards Peachtree Corridor


Image L North Avenue looking East towards the Bank of America Building, which I think is still the tallest building in the US outside of NYC and Chicago


Image M Downtown from North Avenue Bridge


Image N Midtown from North Avenue Bridge


Image O Looking South down West Peachtree (it runs just to the west of Peachtree)

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This is a fascinating tour. The combination of black and white photos and lack of almost any people on the streets gives it a surreal look that might be suited for a post apocalyptic sci-fi movie.

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:lol: No wonder, there are two of these topics. I've seen some double posts but I think this is the first double topic I've seen.

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