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Columbia (Maury Co) lands corporate HQ from Florida (Internet firm)

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It was reported today in the Tennessean that an on-line company,, that sells used cars online is moving is HQ and operations from Naples, Florida to Columbia, Tennessee. The company is moving into a 341K sq/ft building and will hire 200 employees the first year, with upwards of 300 more over the next three years. The company allows shoppers to carry out every aspect of buying a car on-line, ie no need to go to the dealer to finalize the financing and sale.

To read more about this development refer to the Tennessean article here:

This IMO sounds like a great development for Columbia. The city gains hundreds of new jobs, a new corporate citizen (who chose TN over FL), and a diversification of the its workforce, so all in all whats not to like. I know it is an internet company and those have inherit risks of succeeding or failing, but hey its sounds like a great concept and I hope it succeeds and thrives in Columbia.

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