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Northeast Driving Skills

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Allstate Insurance Co. recently completed a study and found the safest and unsafest driving cities throughout the country and ranked them. Overall Midwest cities tended to rank towards the best with Newark, NJ and Washington DC being the worst...although some cities were not included because Allstate is not in that area such as Boston for example.

The article is at:


The list of city rankings is at


I redid the list a little bit and here are Northeastern Cities Ranked in Order

Keep in mind: I had to scroll down to the 92nd city to find a northeastern city

Some cities are missing...I did not see NYC listed but Yonkers was

Some of this data that was found probably is a little off because for cities I am familiar with Bridgeport, Stamford and New Haven are all along I-95 on the CT shoreline yet Bridgeport ranks more then 10 above New Haven - the country's first planned urban area with that city grid and ranks 20 above Stamford and they are only about 30 minutes from each other.

Bridgeport 92/197 cities

New Haven 195/197

Rochester 107/197

Buffalo 108/197

Stamford 122/197

Hartford 142/197

Pittsburgh 143/197

Yonkers, NY 162/197

Philadelphia 186/197

Providence 187/197

Paterson, NJ 190/197

Jersey City 191/197

Elizabeth, NJ 195/197

Washington DC 196/197

Newark 197/197

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how did they determine safest and unsafest? most claims? most accidents? worst roads? new haven roads are worse than bridgeport, which would account for that anomoly, compare 95... and then there's the Q bridge fear.

anecdote about driving to work through downtown new haven... i was at a stop light and witnessed in my rearview a 4 car accident that ended with the car behind me. all started from one car that decided not to stop in time (all the others were stopped completely when hit). i just heard a bang, bang, bang and watch the woman in the car behind me bounce foward spilling some coffee. i creeped forward a bit when it happened to be sure i wasn't involved.

i wish they could include MA cities in the study, i bet we'd see equally bad driving there.

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