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Jews in the south


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There is definitely some migration into Dallas as more and more northerners move here. Many are attracted by the sizable preexisting Jewish community. I would suspect the same is true of Atlanta.

Of course, South Florida has the tradition and I'm sure southward migration of Jewish people is continuing there. I think there actually has been a move from Miami Beach north to Palm Beach and Broward counties.

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Birmingham has a sizeable Jewish community. There is a large Jewish Community Center in the Crestwood area. The last I heard from Census numbers is the Jewish population in Greater Birmingham is between 15,000-20,000.

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Here is a link with some interesting maps regarding religious affiliation.

Oddly, my home county (Cheatham in Tenessee) may have one of the lowest levels (29%) of persons affiliated with a major religion in the South. My quick scan could not find any lower numbers. Cheatham is a bit of a bohemian community, though and that might explain some of the reluctance by locals to not connect with mainstream churches and temples.

I wonder where other 'bohemian' areas in the south are? I suppose Asheville, NC would be on the list.

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