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Kailua Town, Oahu

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Here are a few pics of one of Honolulu's largest suburbs Kailua. There are two Kailua's in the state one is this Kailua and the other is Kailua-Kona on the Big Island. Kailua on Oahu (Honolulu County) is sort of a beach and artsy town and part of it like Enchanted Lakes and Lanikai are home to many wealthy people.

Over looking Kailua, it's mainly located where the condo's are in the distance or center of the pic and to the right is Enchanted Lakes and further east is Lanikai which can not be seen in this pic.


The flat undeveloped land to the left is a marsh and animal sanctuary


Here's a pic of Kailua Beach a very popular beach for windsurfing and canoeing


Near Lanikai


Looking towards Waimanalo and Makapu'u


Looking back towards the beautiful Ko'olau moutain range


I think this area is called Keolu hills or heights?


Enchanted lakes and Kailua town in the distance



A canal





A couple of the pics above were taken from those islands




More to come eventually :P


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^You're welcome and thanks for visiting. It's actually a really nice little ole town at street level. There's a nice little art scene and some cool pubs and restaurants too plus you got a beautiful beach nearby, can't beat that! :D

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You're welcome. I like Kailua town, i've got some good memories of drinking at some of the hole in the wall bars around there and going to the beach. It's also a town frequented by many celebrities that live or have homes in neighboring Lani Kai (e.g., Lost actors, Michelle Pheiffer, etc). Although, i think Michelle Pheiffer may have sold her home recently?

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