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Shaping the Skyline

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Billions are flowing right to the doorstep of Downtown. The door begins to buckle with pressure.

The Center city has transformed at the ground level precipitating life through the canyons of Heartside and Center City and continues up the hill into the intimacy of Eastown and Heritage Hill. Everyone is in spirits, and irradiating energy onto the canvas of the urban street scape. The actions of many have brought about the many who are coming; people are back in the City. A boom is well on its way to explode with the fury of construction build on the synergy at the street level. Yet before any building boom commences, only you have the order on which lots, and how tall. It's all up to you to.

Imagining the above situation. Obviously, some of that is well on its way, but imagine a huge friggin boom and where it would occur. Does the action of extreme preservation halt most of the boom from Center City and allow for the booms to explode on North Monroe or fill the lots in the Heartside? Will the River dictate the skyline?


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