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New Medical District/Laney Walker area images

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I made another quick trip to Augusta today and got some shots from the Medical District and neighboring Laney Walker Boulevard.

New Stadium being built on Laney Walker.


Peabody Apartments


A bulding at Paine College. Unfortunately I wasnt able to take any photos on campus.


A view down Laney with some apartments on right and new medical building (Cancer Center?) on right.


A project apartment home on the lower end of Laney.


Georgia War Veterans Nursing facility on 15th street


A newly built building at the Medical College.


Newly constructed Cancer Center


University Hospitals


Medical College area


MCG and VA Hospitals


A view up Walton Way. If you look closely you can see the new Rehab Hosptial crane and the Summerville mini-skyline on the top of the hill in the back.


These last pics were taken from the 8th floor of the Peabody Apartments. They would only let me up to the 8th floor because they are renovating the top 3 floors. I would have loved to been able to take pics of the other side but it was closed off for renovations.

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Thanks Pillsbury. I was really suprised at how filthy the Peabody apartments were. The elevator was old and clunky and I was kind of scared riding up it. There was a small pool of what looked like vomit on the bottom floor at the elevator doors. Im hoping they are planning on renovating this building quick because it is deplorable what those elderly people have to live in.

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