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The Phoenix thing fell through so I'm not going to be working for a couple of months at least and traveling for at least one.

I'll probably end up back in Tucson, but nothing's certain.

If you need any web site work done over the next month or know someone who does, feel free to PM me.

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wait...it's not?

nah, i know. even the rest areas put up info panels to attempt disabusing travelers of that same notion (cacti, desert, etc.) but i think that gets to a sort of public identity crisis for a state that's in flux and no longer exerts a single (rather, many) image upon popular imagination. on one hand, anyone who even drives through on an interstate (well, okay, not I-8/10) can see that AZ is about as diverse as a landlocked state can possibly be. but on the other hand, the stereotype isn't just a media / marketing thing (as so many current ones, both good and bad, are) - it does resonate with people, both here and out of state. i guess i'm saying that there are worse stereotypes, and that anyone who's worth a damn readily sees, upon a visit here, that that stereotype is only a very pleasant introduction to a world of secrets...and urban nightmares.

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Holy crap!

I was at the Downtown Nimbus public meeting at the library like a year ago when some old man jumped up and started talking about, of all places, Toledo, and how great he had somehow made that city through speculation. It had nothing to do with anything, but I'm sure he felt it pertinent to educate all of us about Ohio and it's urban superiority.

Yeah, but Ohioans and those damn UA kids from the Chicagoland suburbs seem to be the worst about that. I always say "If it's so much better, then go back!" And then there's retirees, especially in Mesa, who always want you to ask where they're from so they can go on for 20 minutes about it. "No! You live in Mesa now, not South Dakota. No one gives a damn about your BFE town with more cows than people. They just pretend to because they're obligated to be nice."

Maybe I'm just too easily annoyed though. This is why I don't work customer service anymore.

Quarter design? Big box store, border wall, dry river, KB Homes sign and a sprinker. Would that be too cluttered?

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Funny thing is, if you've ever been to Toledo, it's ugly as hell. With the economic vitality of Flint Michigan. I hate Ohio, it's like purgatory, you just wait until you are thru it. There are alot of prideful residents there, happy that they have OSU. But if you take away OSU's sports programs, you're left with a glorified community college.

One thing i've said on here before, I'll say it a thousand times, Is how much Arizona cities remind me of Michigan cities. One might question how on earth I could make that comparison. Easy, weak, bland, or dying cores, surrounded by powerful, uber wealthy suburbs. What I don't get is this, Phoenix and Tucson are easily the poster child for sunbelt growth. Nowhere else in the country is growing as fast as AZ. Other sunbelt cities, like Dallas and Atlanta, are very culturally relevant. The cores are amazing. They are almost growing from the inside out. But Phoenix and Tucson's downtowns are tiny, and empty. Why is it, that with so much growth, and so much developement. That the cities in this state, lag so far behind the rest of the country. Sure they are growing. But when you can go to a dying rustbelt city and get the same experience, that's pretty sad.

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I think this one of those old laws from the territory days when the temperance people tried to force the vice element out of communities.

For instance, there's still the law on the books where, if a certain number of unmarried women live in one house, it's considered a brothel.

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I already knew that, Matt.

I just got back from a 4-day Northern AZ/Southern UT/Southern NV trip and am now homeless in Tucson. It feels kind of weird.

Anyway, I will say that Colorado City, AZ is absolutely the strangest town I've ever seen. I won't be going back alone.

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Colin, I can't believe you went there alone to begin with! What's it like. Do non fundamentalists live there? That has to be friggen creepy.

On a lighter note, I was at the suns/spurs game last night and yay! It was a good time. I'm really hoping for a Suns/Pistons finals. I want a home vs home turnament.

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I was watching that on TV at a bar last night. Seemed like a good game, but I didn't stay for all of it.

If there are non-fundamentalists living there I'd feel sorry for them. But I really doubt it based on the looks I got. I mean, it reminded me of when I lived in China and would walk around the little markets where everyone would just stare at me because they had seen so few white people.

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Surprise's city manager levels charges at his council

The mayor is accusing the council of threatening to fire him if he didn't increase their car allowances.

What the hell is going on with the City of Surprise? It seems like every three months I read a story about something crazy involving the city government. I believe they were one of the towns who admitted the 30-something man to a junior high school for a period a few months ago.

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I guess the forum has effectively died?

I'm finally back in Tucson though, working for the County in Downtown now and will be moving into Sam Hughes next week. Fun times.

I think I came back at just the right time because I got the rain but none of the heat that preceded it.

I'm going out this weekend to take some Tucson pictures, so I'll post again then in the photos forum.

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