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Trump Tower, 2121 Kuhio, Grand Waikikian - Honolulu

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Trump lends name to new Waikiki tower

Source: Pacific Business News

Developers Donald Trump and Los Angeles-based Irongate confirmed plans to build a 460-room luxury condominium-hotel, retail and dining complex as part of Honolulu-based Outrigger Enterprises' Waikiki Beach Walk project.

The 350-foot-high Trump International Hotel and Tower Waikiki Beach Walk will begin selling units from 500 square feet to 3,000 square feet in size later this year.

Outrigger sold the development rights for the Trump Tower site to Irongate last year. Formerly, the site housed the Ohana Royal Islander, Ohana Reef Lanai, Malihini and Hale Pua Nui apartments.

The buildings have been partially demolished. Construction on the new project, which is expected to reach at least 30 stories, is expected to start in early 2007, and will be completed in 2009.

The cost of the project is estimated at $350 million to $400 million. Prices of the units were not released.

The project, which includes 6,500 square feet of dining and retail space, is to be mentioned on Trump's NBC series "The Apprentice" on Monday.

The Trump Tower in Waikiki promises to be lavish, offering its guests amenities that include a library, wine cellar, lobby bar, cafe, sun terrace, cabanas, a private fitness center and spa, and separate residential and hotel lobbies.

"Trump Tower will be the most luxurious development in Waikiki Beach," Trump said in a statement. "My partners and I look forward to setting a new standard for luxury in Waikiki."

The development will be designed by New York-based Guerin-Glass Architects and Honolulu-based Benjamin Woo Architects.

Brett Hill Management is the project manager.

S&P Destinations Properties and Karl Heyer will sell and market the condo units.

This will be Trump's first venture in Hawaii. Trump's name is attached to commercial projects underway around the world but in most cases, he is not actually a financial partner in the deal but is allowing his name to be used for a fee.

Development partner and real-estate investor Irongate also will be making its first foray into the hospitality sector. Until now, Irongate has focused on luxury residences and office buildings.

Here's a rendering of the Trump Tower International - Honolulu :)

An artist's rendering of the luxury Trump International Hotel and Tower Waikiki Beach Walk, which will include 135 units as large as 3,000 square feet, suitable for residences, along with 325 hotel units.


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That's a great rendering urbanguy, do we have a list of developements going on in downtown Honolulu? or perhaps accross Hawaii in general.

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^Hi, yes i will try to compile a comprehensive and updated list soon. There are two 350 ft towers underconstruction right now in downtown Honolulu, 1 recently completed at the Western edge of Chinatown and 2 more proposed nearby. Most of the other skyscrapers are currently going up in the midtown area (Kaka'ako) and Waikiki.

There's also a lot of construction activity going on on the neighbor islands but they are nothing tall. Many are residential, time-share, hotel, luxury condos but with a few proposed mixed use developments like on Maui.

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Does Honolulu have a height restriction? I've never heard but I know that the buildings are generally residential in orientation. Are there any office towers, and would they be aloud to go tall if they were to build?

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^Yes there is a height restriction on all forms of development mainly because of the 1,000 friends of Hawaii or whatever from what i've heard. The max height allowed currently is 400 ft. But there are a few skyscrapers over that limit but still under 500 ft. tall. I honestly feel something fishy is going on though because a rendering that i saw of 909 Kapiolani shows a height of like 444 ft and it is shorter than a few of the others that are going up or have been completed. Also, i remember back in the early 90s sometime after the Waterfront Towers were built there were factoids printed in the Oahu telephone book that mentioned those to towers to be like 485 ft or something crazy like that, no joke. So i don't know whats up with all this stuff or what to believe?

Here's the 909 Kapiolani schematic that has 444 ft as its height. Tell me if i am reading it right?


As for right now most of the skyscrapers going up are mixed use condominiums or time share stuff. There are at least two buildings proposed for office use like the new Hawaii World Trade Center and some other one. Although, Honolulu has one of the lowest office vacancy rates of all the major American cities they are waiting for it to drop a few percentages lower before deciding to build more. I think they are anticipating it in 2007 maybe a year or two later.

Here are a few more projects:

Sources: Honolulu Advertiser and Pacific Business News

Kuhio project gains public support

2121 Kuhio Ave


Plans for a time-share, hotel or residential condominium tower at the 'ewa end of Kuhio Avenue in Waikiki gained support from a neighborhood board after more than an hour of heated debate.

The estimated $125 million project, which is called 2121 Kuhio and requires a zoning change to proceed, won approval from the Waikiki Neighborhood Board late Tuesday.

A motion to oppose a zoning change was defeated by a 10-5 vote, with two members abstaining. Later, the board voted 10-4 to support a zoning change with a declaration that members prefer a residential condo rather than a hotel condo or time-share.

The project drew objections from some occupants of neighboring condos who would have views obstructed and others concerned over traffic, sewer and water capacity.

"It was quite a debate," said Robert Finley, the board's chairman, who voted against both motions and said he was surprised by the outcome.

Jim Kehoe, a principal with developer and landowner K3 Owners LLC, said he was pleased by the board's support, which he felt was a reflection of the developer's effort to inform the community.

"I think it's been a good process," he said. "I think we were able to convey our vision. We're very excited about the project, and think it'll be a wonderful addition to Waikiki."

The neighborhood board's position is important because it is a major consideration for the City Council, which later will decide whether to amend zoning for the vacant project site, once occupied by Hula's Bar & Lei Stand.

The project also needs a Waikiki special district permit from the city.

Current zoning of the 1.3-acre site is resort commercial, which allows various use including retail and office space up to 300 feet. Landowner K3 Owners LLC is seeking a change to resort mixed-use that would allow residences, time-share or hotel built to the same height limit.

K3 Owners is proposing a 220-unit residential condo or time-share, or a hotel condo with 140 hotel units and 120 residential units.

The developer, which first shared its plan for a high-rise with the community in 2004, said market conditions 12 to 15 months from now

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