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Buildings of Downtown Honolulu & Midtown

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^Oh heck yeah its very urban and vibrant much more so than many cities larger than it believe it or not! The only thing that kills the skyline is the mess that is Waikiki if the architecture of the skyscrapers were better in that area as in during the 70s and 80s boom had they put more love it would be more appealing to many as there are hundreds of buildings there!

BTW ill be posting more stuff soon! :ph34r:

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^Thats very true and that is exactly why Honolulu isnt marketed as an urban destination except to wealthy people like the Japanese which love shopping here but other than that its usually marketed as a place to relax, but when people come here for the very first time boy are they surprised especially when they are stuck in traffic or see hundreds of buildings stretching for miles! :D

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