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Austin Projects Construction progress


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Okay everybody here it goes, my first pics of downtown construction. It was soggy though LOL was raining most of the time that I was down there so I didn't stick around to take more pics just a few at each place.

First stop was the Monarch, as you can see the site is cleared out nothing but dirt. I would think that this site should start up within the next week or two???



It is a massive size lot, not sure how large this buildings footprint is going to be but wow.



Next stop was 360 and this site had some activity going on even with the rainy weather.


Some construction workers around some large pipes on Nueces wich is blocked off infront of the site.



Next was AMILI and there was alot of stuff going on there but it began to rain harder so I ended up underneath the state garage overhang at the corner of San Antonio and 3rd and just took pics from across the street.




My pics are not that great but Its my first time so bare with me...


Now on to the Shore and there was not as much activity going on as there was the first day I went but but there were two or three bulldozers working at clearing, again it was still rainy and I actually kinda got pretty wet cause I had to walk a block to the site.







And last I went by the lot that I was wondering if there was anything planned because they have begun to cut some of the trees down on the lot and the trees that are still standing are marked with green ribbon.





This is the lot across the street to the east of the Milago...


And this is my first monthly construction pic tour update. hope you all enjoy and probably next month will be alot better, more than likely wont be raining and hopefully even more action on the construction sites, as well as more.

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Nice start, even if the weather was bad. Looking forward to seeing the progress of these projects in the months to come.

Another area wich I didn't go by because I didn't even relize they had already started on it was the old Ready Ice Plant and down 8th or 9th street another lot was being cleard. That whole area along red River and Im assuming 9th is nothing but rubble now. I went by there lastnight so Ill bring pictures of that area next month as well.

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