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Highland Park Fountain dries up


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I have been waiting since May for the fountain to be activated, but it has sat dry for months. Finally I called the park and an official said that the contractor constructed the fountain pool in a faulty manner resulting in the concrete crumbling and clogging the filter. When I asked when they expected to repair the beautifully and recently restored fountain he answered " It could be a very long time" because the city is in dispute with the contractor. I think this is devestating for the Park right before we are presenting the city to the nation for the All Star Game.

Does anyone know who the contractor is who developed the fountain?

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Mercury, this might sound very crass but I think the northside, downtown and the airport corridor plus most of the southside/southshore will be the biggest areas for the ASG folks. Problem with hosting an event such as this is that you have limited resources for unlimited needs, not everything can be 100% unfortunately (trust me if there was a way to do it I'd be for it).

How this could be impacting the Highland Park fountain, which I contend because of the Zoo and Aquarium might actually be a secondary destination for some ASG folks, is that whatever funds are left over are going to more and more and more downtown/northside/airport improvements to put the best face on the city.

Did not answer your question I know (or maybe it actually did), as far as the fountain I'd love to see it come back online for the city, have you attempted to contact your city council member up there? I was unaware of the conflict between city and contractor till your post Merc, thanks for bringing that up and let us know what happens with it. If I see anything I'll be sure and add it here.

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