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Downtown St. Petersburg

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This city of 250,000 always gets overshadowed by its bigger brother across the Bay. In reality it the home to one of the most vibrant downtowns in the South. Here are a couple of pics I came across on www.stpete.org's website.

Bank of America - the city's tallest....for now


Bankers Insurance Tower


Snell Arcade


Southtrust Bank


Florencia Condos


The historic Vinoy Hotel


The Kress Building


Progress Energy Park


aerial view looking east


closer aerial


people love their boats in St. Pete


one more aerial looking west


a bird's eye view of downtown


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Great pics! I like the BOA building. It's too bad they didn't build it a little taller.

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I recently watched one of my favorite old movies again, STRATEGIC AIR COMMAND, starring Jimmy Stewart. It's partially filmed in St. Pete, with Al Lang Stadium prominantly featured.

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I was in downtown St Pete last weekend and was very impressed - in several places they has streets blocked off with booths set up and vendors selling art (paintings), food and more. Leading into downtown, banners were flying to advertise another major activity (something to do with sailing, I think). I drove around viewing all of this activity and tried to imagine this with all of the proposed buildings up in a few years, only increasing the activity and participation. Wow. What a beautiful scene. What the city has done to develop downtown is very impressive. The future is bright for downtown St Pete. Forget the green benches, this isn't your Daddy's city any more.

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