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Just got in from my favorite watering hole. Met a group tonight who have all moved to Greenville to start an "Ecotourism" business and per their info, tap into an underground but emerging "ecotourism" culture in the Upstate. They were great......one guy moved here from Boulder, another guy from San Diego and the girl from Salamanca, Spain. They're going to e-mail me over some info....when I get it, I'll post. Anybody here heard about the "ecoturism" movement hitting this area? I knew it existed, but never really gave it alot of thought. They were saying with Greenville's geographic location to the mountains, it's poised to be a prime "energy spot" (as they called it), for ecotourism. Most interesting! :thumbsup:

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Thanks for the link Skyliner! :thumbsup: My conversation with this people last night really has my interest up. I can't wait to get more info from them. They were all raving the "movement" here in Greenville and raving about the Greenville area in general. Funny to hear this, after hearing others scream about sprawl. The two are so polar opposite. :)

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