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The next "big one" coming soon?


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I'm sure most of you have all heard the news that we're at a dangerous point in the history of the region. With development all along the coastline, we haven't seen a big disaster since 1938. I think there are a lot of people who have no idea how vulnerable they are. What do you all think?


The start of hurricane season elicits a collective ho-hum in New England. The complacency is explained by the fact that the last big hurricane to hit the region was 21 years ago. And it's been nearly 70 years since a Category 3 hurricane has reached this far north.

But hurricane experts warn that Southern New England's luck is in danger of running out. One prominent storm predictor has put the odds of an intense hurricane hitting along the coast between New York City and Cape Cod at 1 in 11, according to an article in The Wall Street Journal last week. The newspaper reports in the same edition that insurance companies are curtailing homeowner coverage in vulnerable areas in the region.

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This worries me!!! Thursday evening a round of severe thunderstorms hit the Hartford. Pouding rain, high winds and hail hit right during the evening rush causing massive delays throughout the area, knocking out power to thousands, cracking trees, and flooding roads.

It could have been worse but there were crews scrambling to repair power, power lines were still drapped across houses and homes the following day, traffic lights out on major roads led to chaos....lets hope this is not a forshadowing of things to come

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