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Alien Life Discovered in India?


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Check out the PopSci story:Is It Raining Aliens?


Basically, a strange red single-cell organism that appears to have no DNA and can survive temperatures of at least 600 degrees F rained down over India. Scientists are debating over whether it is from earth or not. The lack of DNA, while still being able to reproduce, while surviving temeperatures no known lifeforms can is whats puzzling them, that and the fact that an estimated 50 tons of it rained down suddenly. If this is proven to be from outer space this would be huge, in my opinion, from the evidence stated it seems pretty plausable that this stuff is from outer space, more definitive findings are due before the years out.

And for anyone that it might make sense to, here is a link to the article written by the scientist (pdf): The red rain phenomenon of Kerala and its possible extraterrestrial origin

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