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Polish Hill


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Polish Hill is located east of downtown on a hillside between the Strip District and the Hill District. It's one of Pittsburgh's "mountain goat" neighborhoods featuring dense housing on steep slopes. The centerpiece of the neighborhood is the Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church, whose copper domes make it perhaps the most awe-inspiring house of worship in Pittsburgh. Polish Hill is also home to Gooski's... the most kickass dive bar .... anywhere. So hit up a Polish mass and chomp on some pierogies while the Smith's whine from the jukebox at Gooski's... and discover Polish Hill with me!

The Polish Hill "money shot"






















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It's hard not to wonder how this area is going to look like in 5 years. There's so much happening all around its periphery, it's almost like the missing link that could make East Liberty to Downtown into one solid block of revitalization. The area seems to lack in good PAT routes that could make it a better place for younger Oakland and Downtown workers.

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^^Great pics Evergrey! I think your right blue, Polish Hill will become a sought after location in a few years, everything around it is expanding and developing. I just hope the neighborhood keeps its unique charm.

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Talk like this worries me a little. I want this city to grow and be successful, but I don't want too many neighborhoods to change. It's not that I don't like change, but I wouldn't want to lose what makes us unique. Places like Polish Hill are special as they are. Of course I suppose it would be nice if the existing houses were fixed up some.

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Polish hill could definitely use newcomers. I think they would only improve the area. I find it difficult when people who aren't from the area say that newcomers might take away from the character of the place. IF i'm not mistaken locals refer to the area by it's more seedy name "heroin hill". That's not exactly character i'd like to save.

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The discussion about Mt. Washington condos made me think a bit about Polish Hill and some of the comments here. Sometimes when I drive by this neighborhood, either on Liberty or above it on Bigelow, I'm kind of surprised that there isn't any new development on the hills, taking advantage of the view and proximity to downtown & Oakland. It seems like a natural spot for a couple of new condos or townhomes. Do you guys think developers would consider Polish Hill a bit too old or rough around the edges for this kind of thing? Do you think there'd be a market for new housing in Polish Hill?

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