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Developments with Regional Impact


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This is an article from Money Magazine and CNNMoney.com forecasting the Panama City area as the NUMBER 1 area in the entire nation for future property appreciation. According to this study that was published yesterday (May 17, 2006), second place (Wenatchee, WA) was a full 4.5% below the Panama City, FL area.

Long known as a sleepy and quaint beach town, Panama City Beach is on the brink of a metamorphosis. A brand new International Airport in Panama City, scheduled to be operational in Spring 2009 has added momentum to the rising interest in the area and is paving the way for an increase in the number, quality and diversity of dining, cultural arts offerings and upscale shopping. Get ready. . . Panama City is about to boom. Please click on the link below to view the article:


Tallahassee is project to have a 5.9% increase thru 2007.

FYI - News about the Animal Kindom and Music Theme Park.

Bonifay, FL - Officials with the economic development council in Holmes

County say Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom's Jim Fowler is planning to open

an animal park in Bonifay in the very near future. They say chamber

officials will participate in an official announcement May 31st and give

further details at that time on what the animal park includes. While

declining to comment on details regarding a planned music theme park also

in the area, officials say they'll yield any comments at this time to the

developer of that attraction.

While details on the theme park and animal park attractions are sketchy,

officials did say that both attractions expect to employ somewhere between

1,500 to 2,000 people and that significant economic impact will be felt in

communities within a 60 mile radius.

News is now hitting the streets of Bonifay about the attractions and the

impact they will most likely have on the small community within the next

five years. Maston Borden has lived in the rural area since the early

1900's. He says he's bracing for the dramatic change that will make his

town into what he calls a bedroom community. "I think the worst thing that

will be missed here, if the place builds up, will be this small town

atmosphere where you know everybody and everybody knew you," he says.

Economic development leaders say in the next five years, hardly anyone will

even recognize the small town of Bonifay. Most residents say they're

excited about the attractions that may be coming to Bonifay, but many say

they have reservations about how their town is about to change. Larry and

Stephanie Bailey are among them. "I'm thrilled to hear it," says Larry,

"because I think it's going to be a real boom for the area." His wife

agrees, but with reservations. "I'm afraid that we're going to lose some

of our small-town appeal. I enjoy being able to go, walk down the street

and know people and feel safe with my kids at the park," she says. Larry

is a real estate agent and says he had already learned of the music theme

park news. The community has known about the Jim Fowler animal kingdom

park plans for two years.

Mr. Borden says he hopes the change doesn't come too quick. "I'm for the

parks coming in," he says. "100% in favor of it. I'm just hoping that the

growth that comes in will be gradual enough that it can be handled."

Bud Revere of the Holmes County economic development council says that Jim

Fowler plans to sign off on securing the land around Smith's Lake either

Tuesday or Wednesday for the new animal kingdom park. He says this will

NOT be a theme park. He says his office is reluctant to discuss any

details pertaining to the music theme park News 13 learned about until the

land deal is sealed and the developer is ready to make that announcement.

Revere did say that combined, the attractions will employ between 1,500 to

2,000 people and will have a significant economic impact on communities in

a sixty mile radius. Further details pertaining to the Jim Fowler Park

will be provided by chamber leaders May 31st in an official media


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Wasn't sure where to put this one... but I figured this would be a good spot.

Ajax Pays $50M for 495,000-SF Office

TALLAHASSEE, FL-New York City-based UrbanAmerica LP has sold the 495,000-sf Northwood Center class A office building on Monroe Street for $50 million to Ajax Investment Partners LLC. The property is 98% occupied.

Here's the Exclusive Story From Globe St.com

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Yes it is. And the Fact that you use Hooters as a Land Mark is GREAT!!!!!! :-)

I remember reading something in the PCB paper a few months ago about this. I was excited to hear something about a new Hotel were the rooms were designed to look like tree houses and you could feed the Garriffs from your windows.

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