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Dick's to build 2nd HQ building in complex


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Pretty nice write up about Dick's and how they have turned the corner after digesting the huge Galyans deal. Says that design work is to begin soon on a second building in their soon to be HQ complex out by the airport. This should add another reason for major corporations to look at the airport corridor, although I am a shameless cheerleader for the city, I feel that the airport is our best advertisement and gateway for those unfamiliar or with stereotypes about our region.

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Oh I haven't heard about US Steel taking over the Waterfront fuel cell structure. I still thought that was mothballed till Seimens got the business up and running (govt. contracts and big corporate orders and the like). I had heard the US Steel has a big ops center on the Southside, but they might have confused that with the Waterfront.

G, I seem to remember about either Dicks or Dick Construction Corp. (no relation) having a center at the Waterfront now that you mention it. Since the Waterfront needs better transportation into and out of it, and it has been TIFed to death in that Homestead, Munhall and West Homestead are actually losing funds supporting it for the short term, I tend to forget about the development since it wouldn't be a replecable model for other regional projects. What they are now going to do with the Homestead Greys Bridge is another blackeye for the Waterfront, the area has potential but step one is to get PennDOT and the bouroughs to improve 837 and northshore access to the site.

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Here is the link to the 2004 PG article.

U.S. Steel to move R&D operations to Homestead Works site

Columbus, Ohio-based Continental built the facility for Siemens Westinghouse Power Corp., which said in 2001 it would locate a $122 million fuel cell manufacturing plant there. Siemens dropped those plans and instead expanded operations at its Churchill facility.
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